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An in-depth digital influence study of more than 1200 new and used Australian vehicle shoppers in 2020.


COVID-19 has
accelerated consumers
online behaviour

There has been an acceleration of the long-term trend towards an online purchase journey, with a larger percentage of car buyers now starting their search online.

Online automotive
classifieds are still #1

Third party automotive classifieds are both the most popular and most helpful online resource for auto intenders across all segments, being the first step a buyer takes when searching for their next vehicle.

Digital showrooms
drive purchases

More than half of car buyers say the presence of a transparent online showroom increases the likelihood of purchasing from a dealer. Even more so for the COVID-19 buyer segment (84%).

First impressions

Being the first dealer people visit is critically important. Even if they continue to 'shop around', 80% will typically come back and buy if the dealer has the right vehicle available.

The rise of the
hyper-digital COVID-19 buyer

Accounting for more than 1 in 10 buyers (12%), this new segment is likely to be purchasing a second vehicle due to COVID. They are more likely to be considering used options and looking for cars over SUVs.

new car sales

Capitalise on buyers "considering both new and used" options, with 60% of this group going on to purchase a new car.

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